About Fyris

Fyris leverages the power of research, data and development to help you realize impact. Whether it concerns data collection, visualization or building custom tools, our enthusiastic consultants and developers serve clients in and around the advocacy and communications fields with great dedication.
A personal approach

The ways to benefit from research, data and development in your overall strategy, depend on the story you want to tell. And no two stories are the same. Fyris always uses a personal approach to get to know you and the story of your organization. Doing so allows us to make a solid plan that suits you.

A wide array of opportunities

Want to benefit from the data you have, but don’t know how? Need clear visualizations combining data and storytelling? Or is there a topic you don’t have data on, and now you would like to collect these efficiently? These and similar questions can be the starting point of our collaboration. Together we can explore the wide array of opportunities to solve your issue.

The team


Aron Woonink

Senior research & data consultant

Aron's strength as a consultant lies in his ability to leverage creativity, enthusiasm, and a keen political sensibility, all rooted in the client's needs. Together with you, Aron is dedicated to turn abstract ideas into concrete actions.


Remco Jansen

Senior developer & data scientist

Remco is a results-oriented developer who can distinguish the essential from the peripheral. As a data scientist, he has previously contributed to research projects for the United Nations and the World Bank.


Bas de Roller

Front-end developer

An engaged programmer, Bas combines his technical abilities with a passion for creativity and an eye for detail. His expertise lies in crafting and developing web applications that seamlessly fit with our clients' wishes. Bas strongly believes in leveraging the power of web technology to foster innovation, and his enthusiasm encourages him to constantly look for new solutions.


Jose Carrión

Full Stack Developer

Jose is a versatile Full Stack Developer, who bridges functionality and user experience smoothly by crafting dynamic web solutions. With a foundation in Computer Science, an open-minded approach and a hunger for innovation, he has honed his skills in a diverse set of technologies. He is driven by the dynamic intersections of technology, creativity, and communication in the world of consultancy.


Marielle van Oort

Senior advocacy consultant

Having worked for over 20 years in the advocacy realm, Marielle combines creativity with strategic thinking. From her knowledge and experience, she can make connections and see opportunities like no other.


Wilko Rosendaal

Software development intern

Wilko is working as a software development intern for Fyris.